MOFFENMEID (Kraut Whore): IFAN’s first production in 2019!

IFAN is proud to announce a co-production with Boomerang Productions by director Raymon Hilkman. We know Raymon from the set of our short comedy SCREWED that we produced last year. After this very pleasant collaboration Raymon came to us and asked us if we would be willing to co-produce his graduation film at the HKU. After reading the script, it was more than clear to us that we wanted to commit ourselves to it. This special, personal and poignant story takes place just after the liberation of Holland, in the aftermath of the Second World War. With MOFFENMEID a piece of underexposed Dutch history is shown that for al long time has been forgotten.

We will keep you posted via Moffenmeid

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Collaboration with online marketing firm Whello

IFAN Company is not just to a network organization for filmmakers, but also a production company for artistic and commercial film and video. Making connections is at the base of our convictions and that is why we like to work together with different partners to grand as much benefit as possible from their film or video.

That is why we look forward to working with marketing agency Whello!

Whello ensures that the videos of our customers are seen and admired by as many relevant audiences as possible. They ensure that the video is seen by the right target group at the right time via online video marketing.


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Shooting in New York City

Shooting lean and mean in the big apple for our client SQOONY. It was a very cold day and we had a very brave actor defying the cold temperatures like a pro.

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For Radio Dabanga Sudan, the largest free radio station in Sudan, we shot a satirical commercial. The radio station is managed and facilitated by Free Press Unlimited. Radio Dabanga gives the people in Darfur daily information that answers crucial questions such as: where is the fighting, where can I go, and where is my family? Radio Dabanga has been the only reliable source of news and a source of hope for and about Darfur and Sudan for years. We hope that this commercial contributes to extra awareness and extra funds for the makers of this radio station.



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Filming in New York!

It’s official… IFAN COMPANY’s first shoot in the big apple! For Sqoony, a company specialised in getting your (video) content where and when it matters most, we are creating this online commercial. So NY here we come!!!

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Last KLM Fokker flight

For KLM, we produced a new film in the KLM cockpittales series about the latest commercial flight of a KLM-Fokker. The KLM has had more than 97 years of Fokker aircrafts in its fleet and cooperation between the two Dutch companies has been a very successful one. This last flight was a homage to this cooperation and to this beautiful plane and we were glad we could capture this flight on film.

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